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How to dress like Emily in Paris?

All the girls are fans of another classic series related to fashion, the city of Love-Paris and a bit of drama.
Many girls inspire their outfits from the series and here are 7 ways we think to do it best.

  1. LBD
    Inspired by Coco Chanel and Audrey Hepburn and one of the most iconic films of all time, “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, the little black dress plays a huge role when it comes to Parisian style.
    If you have this item in your wardrobe, you are on the right track to look like Emily in the series. You can combine the dress with a blazer or coat and you will always look good!
  2. Blazer
    As we said blazer, it is the inevitable part of the outfits in the series, as well as an absolute hit and an element of the Paris outfit.
    Everyone must have a blazer in their wardrobe in order to be able to combine it with whatever comes to mind.
  3. Trenchcoat
    When it is too cold for the blazer, you can always add a trench coat to your outfit and you will still be stylish and elegant and you will follow the outfits from the series.
  4. Shoes
    When we hear about Paris and style, we always imagine high heels and boots. But this is not always a factor for perfect vision! You can always bet on comfortable shoes that are stylish and your look looks brilliant.
  5. Scarves
    You should always have on hand some kind and model of scarf with which to break and diversify your look! It can be tied around your neck or used as a tiara / elastic band / headband or you can even just hang it on your bag.
  6. Bags
    This is one of the most key elements for an outfit that is inspired by the series and that can proudly walk around Paris!
    The principle of investing in quality applies here, because French people love their designers!
  7. Hats
    Last but not least – the hats!
    You can’t visit Paris without at least one beret or stripe bucket hat.
    This is the emblematic in almost every outfit of Emily from the series!