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Fashion Color Trends For 2021

Color trends in the fashion industry keep on changing every year. Each year designers choose a different palette for the runway to make their clothing stand out from others. 2020 has been done and now everyone is looking forward to the fashion color trends of 2021.

So, what do you think will stand out next year and what colors will be used the most? Let’s explore this in detail so we can understand what lies in the fashion world next year. 

#1. Metallic Hues 

Many designers this season incorporate silvers and metallic hues in their clothing lines. We can expect to have this in 2021 as well as party clothes never go out of style and metallic hues are a big part of these clothing lines. 
So, you can expect to see amazing silver and gold metallic clothing items on the 2021 runway. These will not go away anytime soon so you can expect to see these party clothes for the next two years on the runway. 

#2. Sunshine Yellows 

Yellows are always a big part of the springtime collection. They add more brightness and color to the outfits and it is the perfect color for spring collections. You can expect the runway to be brightened with different amazing yellow tones. 

It is meant to boost the mood of people and make them happy in their clothing. This is why many designers the likes of Fendi included this color in their 2020 collection too. 

#3. Minimal White 

Minimalism has gained importance in the last few years. Many designers are coming up with minimal collections with white tines and sleek accessories. This is used to achieve a clean and polished look on the runway. 
Minimalism isn’t going away anytime soon in the world of fashion and so these looks are here to stay. You can expect to see all-white outfits on the runway for a long time to come. 

#4. Baby Doll Pink 

This year’s collection was all about femininity. Many bright yet light colors added a touch of femininity to the runway. The biggest of these colors was the baby doll pink that was seen in Chanel, Giambattista Valli, Molly Goddard, and many more. 

It is highly likely that other designers will follow this trend and bring it to the runway in 2021. After all, Chanel is always setting trends in the world of fashion. 

#5. Green 

Many designers in 2020 filled their runway with greens. It was seen in a variety of different shades such as mint, neon, lime, emerald, and many more. Designers are expected to take these shades to the next level in 2021. So, brace yourself to see many more shades of green on the runway next year.

Final Words 

The world of fashion is ever-changing. However, some items and colors always remain classic in this world. These colors have always been a part of the runway but the way they have been brought is always changing. So, expect to see these in different shades and designs in 2021.