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Top 5 Shoes Every Woman Should Own

Shoes can make or break any outfit. They are the greatest accessories that can take your outfit look to the next level. So, having the right pair of shoes is just as important as having the right outfit. 

This doesn’t mean that you buy a million pairs of shoes. No, you just need a few essentials that are suited to be worn with many things in your wardrobe. So, here are the top 5 shoes that you should have in your closet.

#1. Black Boots 
You can never go wrong with black boots. These pairs of shoes are so versatile that they can go with anything and everything. You can pair them with a business-casual outfit, jeans and a t-shirt, and a wide variety of dresses.
You can opt for a variety of heel sizes depending on your preference and the look you want to execute with these black boots. So, invest in these black boots and wear them with any outfit you like.

#2. Neutral Tone Heels 
The best thing about neutral tones is that they go with everything. So, if you have a wedding to go to or an interview to attend then a pair of these heels will solve all your problems. You should invest in one high-quality pair to last you a long time.
Have an event to attend but don’t understand which heels to match? Just wear these and you will be good.  

#3. White Sneakers 
These are a staple item and should be in everyone’s closet. A white pair of sneakers is the most versatile shoe ever. It can make your outfit look trendy, polished, and cool.
Apart from that, you can wear them in any season. Trust us, once you get the right pair of white sneakers for yourself you will not want to wear any other shoe. 

#4. Loafers 
If you are not a big fan of ballet flats then you can opt for its more sophisticated cousin, the loafer. They have the power to make your outfit look polished, classy, and sophisticated. However, the best part is that they are extremely comfortable. 
You can get a basic pair of loafers or some fun prints and colors as well to make a bold statement with your outfits. 

#5. Slides 
Flip flops are out, slides are in. These staples should exist in everyone’s closet. They can be paired with dresses, jeans, skirts, and everything else. If you want to wear something comfortable yet stylish with your outfit then slides should be your go-to choice. 
You can have a few basic slides and a few others with bold colors and statement prints to include more variety in your wardrobe.

Final Words 
As a woman, these five shoes are essential to your wardrobe. They will completely change the look of your outfit and enhance it further. What are you waiting for then? If you want to look stylish, trendy, and polished then invest in these staples now. You will not be disappointed.